Last year/Months of life

Link to SPICT clinical guide designed to help health and social care professionals identify people who are at risk of deteriorating and dying with one or more advanced, progressive conditions or a new life-threatening condition. You are encouraged to register for updates and to read the guidance Using SPICT

St Barnabas Hospice

Last year/Months of life Last weeks/ days of life Symptom Management

St Barnabas Hospice, Lincoln In Patient Unit (IPU) referral form

St Barnabas Hospice

Last weeks/ days of life

Symptom Management

Last weeks/ days of life Symptom Management Covid-19

Symptom management

Symptom Management Childrens Palliative Care

Symptom management for patients dying from COVID 19

Symptom Management

Syringe Drivers

Symptom Management

Thorpe Hall

Last weeks/ days of life

Thorpe Hall and St John’s Hospice visiting information for Tier 4 COVID rules 8th January 2021

Verification of Death – COVID-19 Clarification 15th April 2020 | Source: LMC Lincolnshire

Last weeks/ days of life Policies and Guidelines

Verification of death is to confirm that someone who has died is actually dead. In the community we have become accustomed to this being done by nurses and doctors working in the community. In the current crisis with COVID-19, these staff may not be readily available. Here is guidance from Lincolnshire about what is required in law and sensible procedures. This is almost certainly going to be a difficult time for carers and family. Undertakers can also verify death.

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