Care After Death

Last weeks/ days of life Covid-19 Policies and Guidelines

This document is for the use of Health and Social Care professionals This advice and guidance has been produced to assist those people who have to manage the care of the deceased and support the family/carers who may or may not be present at the time of death during the outbreak of COVID19.

Care Homes

Last weeks/ days of life Symptom Management Care Homes

In this area you will find Information specific for care Homes

Carer subcut policy

Symptom Management Policies and Guidelines

The Lincolnshire Policy for Informal Carer’s Administration of As Required Subcutaneous Injections in Community Palliative Care – (carers) 4th December 2020 | Source: Lincolnshire NHS A local policy to allow informal carers to give injections to palliative care patients in the community date issued April 2020

Caring for the dying

Last weeks/ days of life

CD forms

Symptom Management

Sample forms, CD1 , CD2, CD3

Children's Community Services

Childrens Palliative Care

Information on Children's services Teenage and Young People East Midlands Integrated Cancer Services and SEND Local Offer – Lincolnshire County Council

Clinical guide for supporting compassionate visiting arrangements for those receiving care at the end of life

Policies and Guidelines

This guidance is focused on supporting compassionate visiting arrangements for those receiving care at the end of life. It provides advice on how visiting at the end of life can be facilitated across a range of settings: healthcare inpatient settings (including mental health and learning disability); care homes; hospices and home. Please be aware that before this guidance was released, many settings have already implemented arrangements which may be under review.

COMING SOON Symptom Management in Learning Disabilities

Symptom Management Learning Disabilities

COMING SOON Together for Short Lives

Childrens Palliative Care

communication in Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

communication in Learning Disabilities